Lion Face Lemon Face 12/29/13: Houston, We Have…No Lift Off

If you were watching the NFL last night, you missed a lot. Hell, if you watched just one or two of the five NBA games, you may have missed something, so let me help you out by pointing out all the good and bad stuff that went on. I’ve even thrown in some D-League news for good measure.

Let’s get to it, folks!

Lion Face: Kyle Korver’s streak hits the century mark

Last night, Kyle Korver pushed his streak of consecutive games with at least one three-pointer to 100. Stand up everyone. A big round of applause is due. Actually, don’t stand up. The man doesn’t deserve more recognition now that he’s getting his face on the $100 bill.

Lemon Face: Houston, we have…no lift off

The Rockets had won three games in a row heading into their matchup against a Russell Westbrook-less Thunder squad last night, so they were feeling pretty good about themselves and why wouldn’t they? James Harden is back and healthy, Dwight Howard is looking like that old Dwight Howard who was a pretty good basketball player last time I checked and Chandler Parsons has been doing his best Kyle Korver impression. But the thing is, it didn’t go well. Actually, it went horribly. To name a few: It took them just under six minutes to score their first basket of the game, they let the Thunder shoot 57.3 percent from the field and Kendrick Perkins actually looked like a basketball player for once. Oh, and when Aaron Brooks is your highest point scorer with 17 points and it’s not 2010 anymore, it’s usually bad news. But going back to the Thunder’s shooting numbers on the night for a second…

Lion Face: Ricky Davis is the D-League’s LeBron James

Hey, so, remember Ricky Davis? Well, he’s in the D-League right now and he’s doing LeBron-esque things. #FREERICKY.

Lemon Face: Evan Turner’s faux pas

Evan Turner returned from his knee injury with a bang. In 41 minutes against the Lakers, the former Buckeye scored 22 points, grabbed seven rebounds and dished out six assists in good win for the young 76ers. But unfortunately for Turner, everyone now hates him in L.A. because he rubbed the win in their faces by throwing down a (super filthy) dunk in the closing seconds when the game was way out of reach. In his defense, he realised he made a mistake almost straight awa…ahhhh, who am I kidding? He wanted to do that. And apologising doesn’t make it all better. Nick Young’s face says it all.

Lion Face: Victor Oladipo is a point guard in the making

Who said that Victor Oladipo can’t be a point guard? Against the Pistons on Friday, the rookie had 11 assists and one turnover and last night against the Hawks, he dished out eight assists in just 29 minutes of game time. He also had five turnovers, but, shhhhh! Let’s sweep that one under the rug.

Lemon Face: LeBron is getting old

Guys, LeBron James is human. It’s his birthday today and he’s hit the big 29. He’s getting old. And one day, he won’t be in the NBA anymore. But, hey, don’t be too sad. He’s still got plenty of years left in the league and he’ll probably shatter every record before he leaves us because he’s just that good.

Lion Face: Basketball fans

The game of the night lived up to the hype. Stephen Curry finished with 29 points, 11 assists and nine rebounds, while Kyrie Irving put up 27 points and nine assists himself in an overtime victory for the Golden State Warriors. There were some filthy crossover. There were some delicious dimes. There were some step-back, “did he really just shoot that” jumpers. And, of course, there were some clutch shots. Where would we be without all the Point Gods in the world?

Lemon Face: Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan have company

Matt Barnes is training his kids to become the next Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. Judging by the fact that they are five years old and are already dunking on a 6-foot rim, I think they’re making good progress. Now all they need to do is grow about 4-feet. Simples!

Hat tip to r/NBA for the videos.

Scott Rafferty