Pass of the Night: Steph Curry to David Lee (Video)

A few weeks ago, the Golden State Warriors traveled to Phoenix to take on the Suns, and were sent home packing with a loss. Yesterday, the two teams met once again, but this time, the game was in Oakland. And the location wasn’t the only thing that was different. The Warriors crushed the visiting Suns 115-86 thanks to a triple double from Steph Curry, who finished with 14 points, 13 rebounds and 16 assists.

It was an all night struggle for the Suns, who only had one player (P.J. Tucker) score in double figures, as they shot 32-89 (36%) from the field.

The night – as many do when the Warriors take the floor – belonged to Steph Curry. His triple double included career highs in rebounds and assists, and he also snatched the honors for Pass of the Night.

Late in the 2nd quarter, Curry ran off multiple screens on the baseline and caught a pass on the left wing, immediately curling towards the basket.

With Goran Dragic hopelessly trailing behind him after being run through a gauntlet of screens, Channing Frye had to step up to prevent Curry from having an open lane to the basket.

But as he stepped up, he left his man, David Lee. Curry spotted Lee open under the basket and hit him with a perfect little pocket pass and lead to a powerful dunk by Lee.


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