J.J. Hickson Shows Off His Handles, Nate Robinson Captures The Hilarity On Camera

J.J. Hickson is trying to expand his game, people.

During the Denver Nuggets’ practice before their game against the New Orleans Pelicans tonight, Nate Robinson whipped out his phone to capture Hickson’s attempt at showing off his handles. The first sequence wasn’t bad for a 6-foot-9 power forward who isn’t really known for anything but…sorry, guys, I’m drawing a blank here. Oh, wait, rebounds. Yeah, that’s it. Rebounds. And dunks, right?


Anyway, after the first snippet, things took a turn for the worse, as he lost the ball twice, once while dribbling the ball behind his back and later, when he was showing off his limited ability to do one of the basics – the figure-eight. It seems like his teammates got a kick out of it, though. Nate Robinson was clearly egging him on, Ty Lawson couldn’t help but smile when he said, “Look at this garbage!” and Randy Foye spilled the beans that Hickson will do anything to get a follow.

Tough crowd, J.J. Tough crowd.

Oh, and I nearly forgot about Nate’s video description, which was…something:

@mrhickson88 thinks he got pats lol not!! #NohandleLife @dribble2much @foyeboy@tylawson3 lol he can’t be serious fellas lol … #holdatnation #stateofnate #holdat#noPats #teamdarkskin lol

And, hey, if you want to follow J.J. Hickson on Twitter, here’s his account. (You’re welcome, J.J.).

Scott Rafferty