Lion Face Lemon Face 12/25/13: The Christmas Games Were…Interesting

When the schedule for this season leaked several months ago, the Christmas Day games looked awesome. A matchup between Derrick Rose’s Bulls and the championship-calibre Brooklyn Nets? Awesome. How about a potential, but unlikely, finals preview between the Thunder and Knicks? Sounds good to me. The Big Three taking on Kobe Bryant? Who says no to that?

Unfortunately, none of that happened. Rose is out, the Nets are terrible, the Knicks were without Carmelo (and they’re atrocious at basketball) and Kobe is sidelined with a fractured leg. Nevertheless, there were some fun things going on last night and there were even a couple of good games, so let’s take a look at them with Lion Face/Lemon Face.

Lion Face: Ricky Rubio finds a stick

Christmas Day may be over, but here’s a really happy Ricky Rubio holding a stick with snow all around him. Still upset that it’s over? Didn’t think so. You’re welcome.

Lemon Face: Merry Christmas, Amar’e!

It was Christmas Day, the Knicks were playing the Thunder and they were without Carmelo Anthony. Of course they got their you-know-what handed to them. But there were a couple of bright spots for New York and one of them happened to be good old Amar’e Stoudemire, who scored a season-high 22 points in 27 minutes off the bench. Unfortunately for him, everyone has already forgotten about his performance because Reggie Jackson crushed a monstrous dunk over him.

Reggie Jackson puts Amare on a poster.

Lion Face: Roy Hibbert takes over ESPN

For the first quarter of the Heat vs. Lakers game, Roy Hibbert took over ESPN’s Twitter account to talk about anything that popped into his mind and it was everything you could’ve ever dreamed off.

First, a review of the sleeved jerseys:

Then, some words of advice on how to stop LeBron dunking all over you:

And finally, a little jab at Ryan Kelly:

It’s a good thing he didn’t tweet for more than one quarter, though, because he probably would’ve ended up in Twitter jail.

Lemon Face: Anyone who watched the Bulls vs. Nets game

Chicago won by 17, Taj Gibson, D.J. Augustin and Jimmy Butler stole the show and Paul Pierce and Andray Blatche combined for 13 points on 2-for-19 shooting. It wasn’t pretty. At all. If you sat through the whole game, give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it.

Lion Face: LeBron James delivers the goods

It was a quiet night for the King (19 points, eight rebounds, four assists), but he still delivered the goods by throwing down the two most obscene alley-oops you’ll seen this season. First, this one, which nearly snapped the rim in half:

LeBron James is the best basketball player ever.

And then this: Just a casual off-the-backboard, I’m-jumping-off-my-wrong-foot-but-that’s-okay, left hand flush.

LeBron is the Santa Claus of dunks.

Lemon Face: Kevin Garnett’s potty mouth is damaging young minds

Kevin Garnett got angry about a call. Shocker, right? And in true KG fashion, he mouthed off to the referee with some expletive-ridden rant, which probably shouldn’t be heard by little kids who are sitting court-side. Luckily for this kid, he had someone to look out for him.

Lion Face: Nick Young heats up

The stars came out to play last night and, yes, that includes Nick Young. He was kinda of nowhere to be seen in the first-half and his overall shooting numbers for the night (7-for-18) weren’t so jolly, but he scored 11 of his 20 points in the third quarter when that guy called LeBron James was guarding him and it got everyone off their seat.

Lemon Face: Swaggy P isn’t perfect

I think it was Jeff Van Gundy who said that the “P” in “Swaggy P” doesn’t stand for “pass.” He’s right because when Nick Young does pass, bad stuff happens. Like this:

Swaggy P takes on Wade, hilarity ensues.

Lion Face: The Rockets take care of the Spurs

James Harden scored 16 of his 28 points in the fourth quarter, Dwight Howard pulled down 20 rebounds, Terrence Jones and Chandler Parsons combined for 42 points, 20 rebounds and seven assists and the Rockets beat the Spurs by 13. Gregg Popovich wasn’t happy.

Lemon Face: Russell Westbrook and Chris Bosh’s Christmas Swag

Who wore it better: Russell Westbrook with his overalls and “Killin’ It” beanie or Chris Bosh with his ugly Christmas sweater? THIS IS IMPORTANT STUFF, PEOPLE.

Thanks to SB Nation for the GIFs.

Scott Rafferty