LeBron James Shows Respect to Kobe Bryant

The NBA community rallies together.

Kobe Bryant returned from his torn Achilles he suffered in last season’s playoffs only to fracture his knee six games into this season for him, a shocking and upsetting blow to not only the Los Angeles Lakers, but all NBA fans as well. LeBron James, while a top NBA player, is also one of the biggest fans of the league.

Upon hearing the news of Bryant’s latest injury, he wished him well via Twitter:

Yet, it didn’t stop there. In the second quarter of the Miami Heat – Los Angeles Lakers game on Christmas Day, James, before heading back to  the court after a timeout, went over to Bryant to greet him on the sideline. It is unknown what words were exchanged between the two superstars, but James’ gesture to reach out to the Black Mamba is a clear sign of respect from one great player to another.










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