Tuesday Tales: Chris Kaman Goes Hunting: Chapter 5

After a few weeks away, Tuesday Tales is back, with the latest chapter of Chris Kaman Goes Hunting. If you need a refresher on where we’re at in the story, you can check out all the previous chapters here.



Rising slowly after an hour and a half or so, the three got into their camouflage suits, readied their supplies and headed downstairs. Chris, the most experienced of the trio lead the way, while Nick – looking goofy in the much too large gear he borrowed from Chris – trailed a few feet back of the other two.

“I can’t believe this,” Nick thought to himself. “I look like an idiot.”

After talking to some other hunters in the lobby of the lodge, the guys decided to try out a hilly area on the Western side of the ranch. From what the other hunters had said, there were numerous boars roaming around in that area.

Loading up their supplies onto the back of their ATVs, the teammates hopped on and sped off Westward towards the hills. Each of them carried a few guns, ammunition, water, and a few snacks. Chris preferred beef jerky, while Robert had himself a trail mix filled with a variety of nuts, as well as some raisins (which he found disgusting) and chocolate pieces. Nick, meanwhile, brought along some granola bars – peanut butter and chocolate chip, to be exact.

About 20 minutes or so of riding later, the gang found a good spot to park the ATVs and proceeded along on foot. Leaving everything but a gun each and some ammunition, they trekked a half a mile or so to a decent sized hill with some bushes atop it that could provide a decent hiding spot.

Chris lead the way up the hill, with Nick once again trailing behind, still fidgeting with his oversized outfit. Arriving atop the hill, the guys figured they’d have a good two or three hours left at least before they should think about heading back in for the night.

There weren’t any animals out in the tall grass below them, as far as they could tell, but the guys figured this would be as good a spot as any to start with.

“Hunting’s all about patience,” said Chris, as they settled into their positions.

“But if we don’t see anything for a while we can always try another spot a little further West. Plus, we have all day tomorrow and a few hours Sunday morning, so don’t get discouraged if we don’t get anything tonight,” Chris added.

“I’ve had trips where I’ve barely even seen anything, let alone get a kill.”

Robert and Nick, neither an experienced hunter, listened as Chris told tale after tale of his numerous hunting trips, recounting, among other things, the two huge bucks he had killed up in Montana, as well as the time he came back to his camp in Alaska to find a bear eating all his food.

Suddenly, after nearly 45 minutes of waiting, Robert spotted something moving out in the grass. Coming towards them diagonally from the left, Chris recognized it immediately.

Tune in next week for the sixth installment of “Chris Kaman Goes Hunting.”