Paul Millsap Offers Some Friendly Advice After Getting Dunked On By LeBron

Getting dunked on hurts. It stings. Like a wasp. It haunts you. It scars you. And thanks to YouTube, it now lives forever.

Obviously some dunks hurt more than others. For example, last night, LeBron James decided to ruin Paul Millsap’s huge performance by nearly leap-frogging over him in the closing seconds of the game to pull Miami within one point. The crowd went wild, it was clutch, the dunk was ridiculous, Twitter exploded into smithereens, the Heat went on to win the game in overtime and now, Millsap has been added to LeBron’s extensive list of people he’s ferociously dunked on.

In case you missed the dunk, here it is. But what have you been doing all morning? Sleeping? No, really, why haven’t you seen it already? It’s so filthy.

Now, there are really only two ways the person who got dunked on can go about this:

A) Move on with their life and pretend it never happened because, well, who likes to be the butt of the joke?

B) Acknowledge it, give props where props are due and just laugh it off because life is too short and, hey, at least people are talking about you, right?

Anyways, Millsap decided to go with Option B after last night’s game and took it a little further by offering some friendly advice:

In the words of Paul Millsap himself: He got got. Now learn from his mistake, people.

Hat tip to Ball Don’t Lie for finding the tweet.

Scott Rafferty