Omer Asik Trade Talks Are Off… For Now

With the Houston Rockets’ self imposed deadline of today to trade embattled center Omer Asik rapidly approaching, talks with multiple teams, most notably the Boston Celtics, were gaining steam in the past few days.

Just yesterday it seemed, according to reports from Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, that the Rockets and Celtics had nearly agreed upon a package that would send Brandon Bass, Courtney Lee and a 1st round pick to Houston in exchange for the big man.

But this afternoon, Wojnarowski reported the all talks involving Asik are off.

Asik’s 3 year, $25 million deal is back loaded, owing him $15 million next season. Apparently many teams were, rightfully so, put off by that large amount.


With the trade deadline still two months away, the Rockets’ self imposed deadline was giving them no leverage to get a deal done. Teams had no incentive to bend to Daryl Morey’s will when it was the Rockets who were desperately looking to unload Asik.

While the talks are off for now, it still seems likely that Asik will be moved at some point this year.

Whenever the talks resume – likely closer to the deadline – the same teams, namely the Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers, are likely to be involved again.

Stay tuned to Saving the Skyhook as we continue to follow the Omer Asik saga as it unfolds this winter.