Twitter Over Everything: A Saving the Skyhook Roundtable

Welcome back to Saving the Skyhook for another roundtable discussion.

In this post, we cover a few over/unders, discuss our favorite off-the-radar players and choose our favorite players on social media.

  Jack Maloney Matthew Hochberg Michael Wesson Quentin Haynes Matt Constas
Andre Drummond’s Free Throw %: O/U 40% Under Under Over Over Under
Eastern Conference Playoff Teams Over .500: O/U 4.5 Over Over Over Over Over
Wins for the Portland Trail Blazers: O/U 59.5 Over Over Under Under Under
Number of Coaches Fired in the regular season: O/U 1.5 Under Over Over Over Over
NBA Scoring Champion Points Per Game: O/U 29.5 Over Under Under Under Under


Who has been your favorite player to watch this year that wasn’t on your radar going into the season?

Jack Maloney (@jmaloney9): Isaiah Thomas. He had some good moments last season, but this year he’s really been awesome. And now that he has the opportunity to start in Sacramento, he should provide us with even more exciting moments.

Matthew Hochberg (@MatthewHochberg): Arron Afflalo. The 28-year-old guard has taken his game to a new level this season. In his second year with the Orlando Magic, Afflalo is one of just seven players who has dropped at least 40 points in a single game and has forced himself into the All-Star conversation. The UCLA product is also averaging career-highs in points (21.6), rebounds (4.6), assists (4) and free throw percentage (85.6 percent).

Michael Wesson (@iamWesson): Klay Thompson has been very impressive this season so far. I think a lot of the chatter this off-season was a little unfair to Klay with coming off the bench rumors with the arrival of Andre Iguodala. Thompson is shooting 45.7% from 3 point land.

Quentin Haynes (@Haynesenberg): Arron Afflalo. After last season, Afflalo lost a bit of luster for me. He took a step back in his move from Denver to Orlando, and seemed more like an average shooting guard. This year, Afflalo looks like an all-star level player. Sure, it might not hold up, but this was the Afflalo I liked in his last couple seasons in Denver. Averaging 20-4-4 with a true shooting percentage of 60 percent, and good defense. I hope he gets traded to a contender, but if he doesn’t, it isn’t the worst thing in the world, as Orlando seems to be on track for the playoffs next season.

Matt Constas (@mconstas41): Michael Carter-Williams. I knew he had the raw talent but I did not expect him to burst out on the scene this quickly. His good defense leads to good offense, he is one of the most fun players to watch on the break when he is under control.


Who is your favorite player to follow on social media? Whether its Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc.

JM: This one is actually really difficult, but I think I have to go with Tony Allen. His combination of stories and random punctuation makes him one of the league’s best at social media.

MH: The Black Mamba. Kobe Bryant does not frequently tweet, but when he does, it is pure gold. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar responds to critics, not to let them forget previous predictions like when ESPN predicted his team to finish 12th in the Western conference, praises teammates in awesome fashion referring to a heroic effort by Steve Blake and powerfully defends things in which he believes in, like his contract.

MW: My favorite player to follow on Twitter is Kobe Bryant. Everything he says has a subliminal message in it. The Black Mamba is gold on social media.

QH: Twitter. Instagram is hilarious because you get visuals, but twitter. Never forget: Kevin Seraphin took to twitter (and instagram, I guess) and put up a poster for his lost snake that said “No legs,” which might be one of the funniest moments with a basketball player on Twitter. The Stephen Jackson “f yo team clown” moment might be in the top three, and Metta World Peace is in his own league.

MC: LeBron James, gotta respect the players who respect the media and have a love for sports, I just don’t like when he tweets about Ohio State.