JaVale McGee Launches His Own Business, #JUGLIFE™

A Sign With Great Advice  Via @SpeedyPetey31

A Sign With Great Advice
Via @SpeedyPetey31

If you follow JaVale McGee on Twitter, you should already know that he retweets himself and will retweet anyone that uses the hashtag #Juglife. What is #Juglife? Well, it is simply the act of living your life by always carrying a gallon of water and drinking it throughout the day. McGee has been promoting #Juglife for at least a year and has now taken the movement to the next step by launching the creatively named brand, #JUGLIFE™ .

There are a number of other NBA players that have their own clothing line, so what separates McGee’s from the rest? According to their website #JUGLIFE™ will be using proceeds for charitable purposes:

#JUGLIFE™  is a brand that promotes a healthy and productive lifestyle. #JUGLIFE’s motto is to drink a gallon of water a day. This lifestyle is important to #JUGLIFE™ because we understand the necessary intake of water to sustain life. Next to oxygen, water is the most essential element for life; the body cannot survive without water for several days.  Water makes up more than 2/3 of the human body weight. Therefore, we encourage everyone to take the #JUGLIFE™ Challenge by drinking a gallon of water a day.  By taking the #JUGLIFE™ Challenge, it will help every cell and organ function properly in the body, regulate one’s metabolism, and reduce the risk of disease.

#JUGLIFE™ is a company located in the USA and abundantly fortunate to have easy access to water. #JUGLIFE™ is a brand that cares about humanity and believes in contributing to help others who are in need. This company will promote health and wellness. By supporting #JUGLIFE™, you are also helping throughout the world!

So how can you support #JUGLIFE™? By buying a foam jug!


The foam jugs are #JUGLIFE’s creative way to promote drinking a gallon of water a day. This is a reminder that you are not alone in this challenge. The blue foam jug was made to represent the necessity of water. For every foam jug you buy #JUGLIFE donates a percentage to a country who does not have easy access to water. Buy a blue foam jug today!

Want something more functional than a foam jug? How about a beanie that will keep your head and ears warm while letting people know your #JUGLIFE-style?


Jug icon black beanie was made with the intent to appeal to everyone living a productive lifestyle. The beanie is 100% Acrylic material, which will be comfortable and fit for keeping your head warm in the cold weather.

McGee just launched the #JUGLIFE™ site at midnight on December 13, so the site and brand has room to grow but kudos to McGee for creating a brand that has an altruistic side.

Also smart marketing by McGee, as Christmas is less than two weeks away, so for those of you still holiday shopping for your loved ones pick them up a foam jug or beanie so they can be about that #JUGLIFE.


(#JUGLIFE™  images via juglifwater.com)

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