Game of the Night: Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers

This was the easiest Game of the Night pick of the year. I hadn’t even finished looking through all the games on the schedule  and I already knew nothing could this Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers match-up.

It isn’t often that Eastern Conference teams are featured on Game of the Night, simply because most of them are awful. The only two legitimate contenders, the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers, face off tonight for the first time since their epic, seven game battle in last year’s Eastern Conference Finals.

This is everything you want in a regular season game. We have two great teams, a growing rivalry that has been stoked by hard fought battles in each of the last two postseasons, and two of the league’s best players in LeBron James and Paul George.

While LeBron is still the MVP (for me at least), George has been making a strong claim that he deserves it this year. The Pacers’ young star has been phenomenal early on this year, playing better than anyone could have imagined. He is legitimately one of the league’s best players, and that is no exaggeration. If you haven’t been paying attention to Paul George, you need to start.

There really shouldn’t be any need for me to sell you on this game. If you’re an NBA fan, you’ll be watching.

The Pick: The Heat have been known to coast through the regular season, but I think tonight they pick it up a notch and send a message to the Pacers that the Eastern Conference still goes through Miami. Heat win, 98-94.

National TV: NBA TV

Time: 7:00 p.m. ET