The Portland Trail Blazers Throughly Enjoyed Drake’s Portland Concert Last Night

Rapper/Toronto Raptors’ Global Ambassador, Drake, is in the midst of a nationwide tour and last night performed in Portland at the home of the Trail Blazers, the Moda Center. Since Drake is a favorite among NBA players, close to half of the entire Trail Blazers team attended the concert. As evidenced from the Twitter and Instagram feeds of Mo Williams, Meyers Leonard, and Will Barton, the concert was one of the ages.

Mo Williams seemed to be living that suite life as here is a poorly shot Instagram video of Miguel, one of Drake’s opener, performing:

Probably taken in between songs, with his next Instagram, Williams wanted to show us his shoes and sock game (this is important for later on in the night):

But how was the actual concert Mo?

Remember Williams’s shoe and sock look? Check out his pant legs rolled up in this picture of him and fellow teammate, Dorrell Wright, mean mugging for the camera. NBA fashion!

Williams’s Blazers teammate Meyers Leonard, was there from the start of the concert, just loving the very first opener:

Then when Future took the stage, Leonard checked in on his teammate, Will Barton, who apparently is a big Future fan:

When Drake took the stage, Leonard used the opportunity to take his first Instagram of the night:

Similar to Williams, Leonard wanted to make sure people know he didn’t go to the concert by himself, so he got someone to take picture of him and fellow Blazer, Joel “Drake Fan” Freeland:

So was Will Barton’s night similarly great? Well, his main concern before the show was finding out when Future would come on stage:

Twitter couldn’t answer this question for Barton as he was on his way to the concert when Future took the stage!

By the time he got there, Barton had missed Future! Something he said he couldn’t miss!

How could Barton make such a mistake? The answer becomes clear via his Instagram account, where Barton explains that this is the first concert he has ever been to. He probably didn’t understand how long openers actually perform for:

1st concert I ever attended. Drizzy doing his thing. Got Portland live at the Moda center!

Despite not seeing Future, Barton did get to take a picture with Drake:

So the Blazers had a great night at the Drake concert as Damian Lillard can confirm:

We should expect another exciting Portland Trail Blazers night out next Tuesday when WWE Smackdown comes to the Moda Center. You know Robin Lopez already got his tickets.

Ananth Pandian

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