Lion Face Lemon Face 12/03/13: Injuries, Comebacks And A Kobe Dunk

Career-highs. Clutch shots. Kobe dunking. Triple doubles. Comebacks. More injuries. Circus shots. The woeful Nets. It’s Lion Face/Lemon Face. Let’s. Get. It.

Lion Face: KOBE’S BACK

We still don’t know when he’ll play his first game, but Kobe Bryant is back practicing with the Lakers again and, well, HE’S THROWING DOWN DUNKS. Okay, it was one dunk and it really wasn’t that impressive. To add to that, he jumped off of his non-surgically repaired Achilles, so…yeah. BUT STILL, it’s a good sign and hopefully The Mamba is ready to slip that purple and gold back on again sometime soon. Like Friday soon.

Lemon Face: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist breaks his hand

First it was JJ Redick. Then it was Paul Pierce. Then it was Anthony Davis. And now it’s Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. I’m talking about broken hands, of course. When asked about it after the game, Kidd-Gilchrist said, “I looked down at my finger and it was (pointing) the wrong way.” That sounds absolutely disgusting and incredible painful. Now excuse me while I bash my head against a wall.

Lion Face: The Warriors’ comeback

With two minutes to go in the third quarter, the Toronto Raptors held a 23 point lead against the Golden State Warriors and somehow, Dub Nation rallied back and ended up winning by nine points. Even after watching the game, I can’t really explain what happened here. It was a combination of a monstrous meltdown by the Raptors, who failed to grab a defensive rebound in the fourth quarter, and just a ridiculous show by the Warriors. Obviously it helps when you can hit eight threes and shoot 68.4 percent from the floor in the fourth quarter. But you can read more about that here on Hardwood Paroxysm or at CBS Sports.

Lemon Face: Isaiah Thomas’ forgotten fourth quarter

The Kings were down 17 points in the fourth quarter against the Thunder, which was when little Isaiah Thomas decided that it was about damn time someone took the game over. So in the final 10 minutes, he single-handedly outscored the Thunder, putting up 21 points to their 15. But sadly, it wasn’t enough because Thomas missed a jumper on the last possession that would’ve tied up the game. What a bummer.

Lion Face: Circus shots

Who doesn’t love circus shots? Here’s the one Avery Bradley hit last night, which is probably the shot of the year up until this point:

And then there is this craziness by Reggie Jackson:

Lemon Face: Another loss for the Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks let me down. They were supposed to beat the Celtics last night, which would’ve given them a better record than the Knicks and as a result, they wouldn’t be the worst team in the East right now. Instead, they dropped the ball and let Jordan Crawford pour in 25 points en route to a 108-100 Celtics win. I expected more from you, Milwaukee.

Lion Face: The five people that watched the Sixers vs. Magic game

Victor Oladipo and Michael Carter-Williams made history by becoming the first rookies in NBA history to mess around and get triple doubles in the same game, Arron “He Was The One To Follow” Afflalo scored a career-high 43 points and Glen Davis hit a tough three in regulation to force overtime. WHAT A GAME! Whoever picked this matchup as the one to watch last night, kudos.

Lemon Face: The Brooklyn Nets

The Denver Nuggets are on fire right now, but how, HOW, do you lose by 24 points on your home-court to them, Brooklyn? You know things are bad when Alan Anderson is your starting small forward and Timofey Mozgov is outplaying Brook Lopez. The good news is that the Battle of the Boroughs starts on Thursday night. Is anyone excited? Anyone…? No? Oh, well.

Props to r/NBA for the GIF.

Scott Rafferty