Carmelo Anthony: A Lurker In The Instagram Shadows

Instagram sure is a funny place. Unlike Twitter, there is no character limit and sometimes, things get out of control in the comments section. If you follow LeBron James, you’ll probably have noticed that nearly every photo he posts ends up being a debate between a handful of people on whether or not he is as godly as he’s made out to be. And I’m not talking about a few quick, painless exchanges. I’m talking about essay-length responses. They’re exhausting, but hilariously terrible.

The thing is, I can’t imagine the LeBron’s of this world spend any of their busy time flicking through comment after comment to see what people are saying about them because, well, they have better things to do than to go through thousands of meaningless comments and, as I already said, most of them are laugh-out-loud worthy. Besides, life is going pretty well for LeBron right now. The Heat are winning and he’s doing MVP-things. Why waste his time?

But Carmelo Anthony? Well, things aren’t so dandy for him. Despite putting up some solid numbers across the board so far this season, his Knicks are the laughing stock of the league with their 3-13 record. No, really. They are the laughing stock. And those aren’t my words. They’re his. But when Melo is not perfecting that mid-range jumper in the gym in the hope of leading his team to a few more victories, he can be found either at home, watching young Amar’e Stoudemire highlights, sobbing over what could have been, or lurking in the Instagram shadows, reading all the nice and terrible things people have to say about him.

Hey, at least he can laugh during this tough times. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, PEOPLE! YOU’RE DOING GREAT.

Scott Rafferty