Tim Duncan Hits Game Winner, Swaggers Off Court (Video)

23 points. 21 rebounds. 1 game-winning shot.

Even at 37, Tim Duncan’s still got it. He may not be having the best season, but as he’s showed the last few games – and tonight especially – he’s still a very capable player.

The Spurs tried to hold off the relentless Hawks for the whole 4th quarter, but with 4 seconds left, Jeff Teague hit a big triple to tie the game at 100 a piece. But Tim Duncan didn’t feel like playing an extra five minutes.

Coming off a nice little pin down, Duncan popped up to the elbow and drilled the mid-range jumper, celebrating the bucket with a little swag walk/skip thing. I’m not really sure what it was, but it was cool.

(H/T to Eye On Basketball for the video)