Game of the Night: Detroit Pistons vs. Miami Heat

After scanning over tonight’s NBA schedule, I’ve come to the conclusion, that tonight’s Game of the Night is, um… I don’t know. Man, these games suck.

Magic-Sixers? Bucks-Celtics? Even fans of those teams don’t want to watch those games. Suns-Grizzlies? Meh. Bobcats-Mavericks? Even more meh. Nuggets-Nets? Nope. Not interested. Warriors-Raptors. Ehh, maybe. I guess Thunder-Kings could be cool. DeMarcus Cousins, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are sure to provide some entertainment, but most likely this game will be over by halftime. So by default, the Detroit Pistons vs. Miami Heat is tonight’s Game of the Night. When in doubt, pick the game with the league’s best player.

With the acquisitions of Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings over the summer, there was hope that Detroit could make a return to the postseason this year. Through the first month of the year, the team has been just okay. There have been nights when everything comes together, and the team looks like a legitimate playoff team. But other nights Josh Smith floats around the three-point line too much, Brandon Jennings doesn’t have it going, Greg Monroe doesn’t get involved, and they look awful. But with as bad as the Eastern Conference is, they might wind up in the playoffs by default. Going into tonight’s game, they sit at 7-10, but are possession of the eighth seed.

The Miami Heat, meanwhile, are cruising right along. They’re riding a 10 game winning streak and at 14-3, only the Indiana Pacers blazing hot 16-2 start is keeping them from holding the East’s best record. It’s a two team race in the East; everyone besides those two are irrelevant. Barring long-term injuries to a key player, everything is just a prelude to the Conference Finals between the Heat and Pacers.

LeBron James has been unreal this year, currently averaging 26.2 points, 6.3 assists, and 5.8 rebounds a night. Plus, he’s threatening to create a new shooting percentage club: the 60/50/80 club. HE’S SHOOTING OVER 48% FROM THREE! What’s even more remarkable is that we’ve become almost numb to his play. He can throw up 27 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists and no one will even blink.

The Pick: There’s enough talent on the court to keep this entertaining for a while, but the Heat will show their class with a 109-96 win.

National TV: None

Local TV: FSDT (Pistons) | Sun (Heat) | Or Check League Pass

Time: 7:30 p.m. ET