An Interview With The Directors of Medora

High school basketball in Indiana has a storied history and has always been referred to as an unofficial religion of sorts. From being glorified in movies such as “Hooisers”, high school basketball in Indiana has always been viewed nationwide in a positive light but in the documentary, “Medora”, filmmakers Davey Rothbart and Andrew Cohn show what is happening on a daily basis in the small Indiana town of Medora where the job market has disappeared and the high school basketball team hasn’t won a single game in years.

Rothbart and Cohn were inspired to travel to Medora and document the team after reading a 2009 New York Times article that detailed the losing ways of the Medora Hornets and the decline of the town. From spending months with the the Hornets’ players and their families, Rothbart and Cohn were able to weave a powerful story centering about the Hornets, that shows that a small town like Medora has a lot to offer.

The film is a whole lot more than just a simple sports documentary as it takes a strong look at how despite the decaying of small town America, the sense of community and responsibility remains robust.

Rothbart and Cohn are currently on a nationwide tour screening the documentary at various theaters around the country. Before their Boston-area stop at the Brattle Theater in Cambridge, MA, I caught up with the duo to discuss the film and get their thoughts on small town America:

Check out the Medora’s website for exact dates and locations of when the film will be shown near you or you can watch online through iTunes or Vimeo.

Thanks to Alexander Nenopoulous for filming the interview.

Ananth Pandian

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