Blake Griffin Showcases His Comedic Talents At UCB Show

Blake Griffin trying out some new material Flickr |  ericrichardson

Blake Griffin testing out some new material Flickr | ericrichardson

From his amusing Kia commercials to his stint as an intern at Funny or Die, Blake Griffin has been known to show that he is not just a basketball player but also possess some comedic talent to go along with his exploits on the basketball court. Through these comedic pursuits, Griffin has become chummy with several stand up comedians, actors and improvisors like Neal Brennan, Jack McBrayer and Ben Schwartz.

Known for his roles on Parks and Recreation and House of Lies, Schwartz also hosts a monthly improv show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles called Snowpants. Snowpants has had guests like Dexter’s Michael C. Hall and on Saturday night had their largest star (in size), stop by as Blake Griffin made an appearance to showcase his improv talents.

As of now, no video evidence has surfaced to show us exactly how Griffin performed on the stage but there are plenty of pictures of Griffin teaming up with Schwartz and other guests like Jack McBrayer, and Craig Ferguson:

So did Griffin yes and his way to a quality performance?


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