We’re Thankful For Stuff

Photo via robert.barney via flickr

Photo via robert.barney via flickr

‘Tis the season. Happy turkey day, y’all. Entertain yourselves with a list of stuff the HP crew is thankful for. 

Amin: John Wall’s leap.

Anonymous: Pierre the Pelican photoshops.

Caleb: /ponders the question/ /remembers Kirk Hinrich is now his favorite team’s starting point guard/ /starts crying profusely/

Jared: I’m thankful for Pablo Prigioni’s sneakiness, Russell Westbrook’s earlier-than-expected return, Andre Iguodala’s start in Golden State, the go-go-gadget Suns, Terrence Jones: Starting Power Forward, and the continued rise of Lance Stephenson.

Derek: I’m thankful for Kevin Love’s return to brilliance, Isaiah Thomas being recognized for being awesome, and Russell Westbrook being back in our lives. I’m also thankful to get to write about basketball for three of my favorite sites on the internet.

Robby: I’m thankful for Aggressive Teague, Al Horford’s general brilliance, Paul George becoming a superstar, Point God, and of course Swagtime.

Raffers: I’m thankful for James Harden’s beard, the D-League, Kemba Walker returning to form, LeBron’s ability to get better and better and better despite already being absolutely amazing, Roy Hibbert’s defense and the fact that Monta Ellis does in fact have it all. Oh, and Swagtime, but who wouldn’t be thankful for that?

Jordan: I’m thankful for Kevin Love’s outlets, Ricky Rubio’s passing, Damian Lillard’s butter-smooth game, Anthony Davis: Devourer of Worlds, Goran Dragic’s career season, Brett Brown turning Evan Turner into an actual NBA player, Gregg Popovich, the promise of the Orlando Magic, and, of course, for the opportunity to write alongside some of today’s most talented writers.

Andrew: I’m thankful for this crazy collective we call basketball twitter, as amorphous as it might be.

I’m thankful for teams who are purportedly tanking getting out to a strong start and giving everyone conniptions.

I’m thankful for Eric Bledsoe.

I’m thankful for Josh Smith, because without Josh Smith, what would even be the point of living?

I’m thankful for #moreshotsthanpoints, or as I prefer to call it, “The Mookie Blaylock.”

I’m thankful for Jason Kidd’s coaching shenanigans, and for Lakers in the Nets huddle.

I’m thankful for coach Hornacek.

I’m thankful for all of the beautiful offensive systems across the league right now — and for the Knicks, too.

Conrad: I’m thankful for Dion Waiters.

Caleb: I’m thankful for the Tony Snell Era and for the Trade Machine. Also the amnesty clause.

Jared: I’m thankful I don’t have to watch the Knicks lose a game today.

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