Lion Face Lemon Face 11/22/13: Injuries, Injuries And More Injuries

We were off to such a good night and then the injury bug decided it had been too long since it unleashed its wrath on the league and made us all go to bed with a heavy cloud over our heads. I know, it sucks. But let’s look on the bright side: There was still plenty of great things that happened in the NBA last night, which should ease the pain just a little bit. So away with that frown! Smile! Laugh! Enjoy!

Let’s get to it.

Lion Face: A dance off in the Palace

The dancing usher at the Palace of Auburn Hills has met his match and it’s some young Pistons fan who looks like Terio. But let’s be honest, Terio’s got nothing on this kid. He killed it in this dance off.

Lemon Face: Injuries

Why, why, why do you insist on being in our lives, injuries? Last night, Derrick Rose, Marc Gasol and Andre Iguodala all suffered injuries and there is no telling how bad they are right now. For Rose, the concern in another ACL tear, this time in his right knee. For Gasol, rumor has it that he’ll be out for up to 10 weeks with an MCL tear. For Iguodala, he said after the game that he heard a pop in his hamstring, which sounds excruciating. If you need me, I’ll be on some beach with my head buried in the sand.

Lion Face: Swaggy P is all types of swaggy 

31 minutes, 21 points, 1 rebound, 0 assists and just under 50 percent shooting from the field on the night. Swaggy P is back, people. And so is hit awful shot-selection.

Lemon Face: The Brooklyn Nets lose for the millionth time this season

They didn’t just lose. They got blown out of the water, losing by 30 points to the Minnesota Timberwolves. As a team, the Nets shot 39.7 percent from the floor and their highest scorers on the night were Tyshawn Taylor, Alan Anderson, Andray Blatche and Joe Johnson. Didn’t expect that from the highest paid team in NBA history, did you?

Lion Face: Lance Stephenson is the triple double king

There have been six triple-doubles in this early NBA season and Lance Stephenson is responsible for two of those. What’s more impressive is that he has recorded both of those within 11 days of one another. Wait. Shhhhhh! Do you hear that? Did someone say…MIP?

Lemon Face: Enes Kanter shoots it over the backboard

As Thunder beat writer Anthony Slater put it: “The Jazz season summed up in one play.” He couldn’t be more right.

Lion Face: Pau Gasol is the best

Pau Gasol has gotten off to a slow start this season, shooting 39.5 percent from the floor in his first 12 games, but last night he did his thing. In 38 minutes, he put up 24 points on 11-for-19 shooting and pulled down 10 rebounds. This was also the night that he pledged to donate $1,000 to the Philippines for every point he scored, by the way, so $24,000 will go from his pocket to typhoon relief, which is just awesome. Props, Pau. You’re a great guy.

Lemon Face: The Boston Celtics

Thanks to 19 points on 8-for-8 shooting in the first two quarters by Jordan Crawford, the Boston Celtics entered half time with a 50-42 lead. Then the Celtics scored 8 points in the third and wound up getting blown out by 15 on their home court at the hands of the Indiana Pacers. Oh, and Crawford scored five points in the second half and turned the ball over five times. I guess he is human.


He’s a shell of the player he once was, but every so often the young, 25-year old Manu Ginobili comes back in our lives and last night was one of those nights – in the Spurs’ 102-86 road victory against the Grizzlies, he put up 15 points, seven assists and five rebounds. And one of those assists was a vintage Manu pass to Belinelli, which was oh, so pretty.

Lemon Face: This towel

When the Polish Hammer is angry, nobody and nothing is safe. RIP, you Gatorade towel, you.

Hat-tip to Reddit/NBA for all the GIFS.

Scott Rafferty