Lion Face Lemon Face 11/21/13: Where Is Jimmy Butler When You Need Him?

If you thought that two games wouldn’t give me enough content to put together another Lion Face/Lemon Face, then you’d be wrong. Very wrong. In fact, lots of fun things happened in our TNT double-header last night, including a big ‘ol bear hug between former teammates and a salty Bryon Mullens not shaking Steven Adams’ hand at the end of the game. Seriously. It happened.

Let’s get to it!

Lion Face: Kirk Hinrich and Nate Robinson miss each other dearly

SO MUCH HAPPINESS IN THIS PHOTO! I’m not sure Kirk Hinrich and Nate Robinson intended for it to look this way, but let’s just say they did because it makes me happy.

Lemon Face: Why you gotta be so mean, Bryon Mullens?

Byron Mullens only played four minutes in this game, but it seems like he took the loss, or the fact that he only had time to jack up one shot, to heart. Either that or he’s just frustrated Steven Adams actually helped his team do something, which is understandable. But still, in my best Taylor Swift voice: “Why you gotta be so mean, Bryon?” Or, you know, something like that.

Byron Mullens is not friendly tonight.

Lion Face: Shaq slips and falls on national television

I’ll let LeBron James describe this next video.

Lemon Face: The Bulls can’t beat the Nuggets

Here’s a shocker: The Bulls are 1-12 in their last 13 games at Denver and the last time they beat the Nuggets was November 8th, 2010 on their own court, per Since then, they’ve lost five consecutive games against them, which is their longest current losing streak to a team in the NBA. That includes their dud last night, by the way, in which they lost by a final score of 97-87 thanks to a season-high, 17 points, from Jordan Hamilton. That’s right. They didn’t lose because of Ty Lawson, Kenneth Faried or Wilson Chandler. They lost because they couldn’t contain Jordan Hamilton. That’s okay, though, because Jimmy Butler should be back soon…right? No? Welp.

Lion Face: Phil Jackson joins Pau Gasol’s efforts to raise money for the Philippines

In case you missed it, Pau Gasol will donate $1,000 for every point he scores in the Lakers’ game against the Warriors tonight to help UNICEF raise money to support millions of children effected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. A very generous offer indeed. But it turns out that Pau’s old coach, Mr. Phil “Count The Rings” Jackson, is also in on helping out, just in a slightly, uhhhh, different way:

So don’t be surprised if Pau breaks the NBA record for charges taken in a game tonight.

Lemon Face: Another Thunder fan hits a half-court shot

This really should be a Lion Face, but I’ve got Lemon Face’s to use up and I’ve convinced myself that having to fork over $40,000 to two Thunder fans this week for hitting half-court shots is kind of a nuisance. I mean, just think: That money could’ve gone towards keeping James Harden in Oklahoma City! I may have taken this too far, so to avoid every Thunder fan hating me, it may be time to watch the video.

Lion Face: Derek Fisher could be the best third string point guard in the NBA

In 17 minutes of game time, Derek Fisher scored four points, pulled down two rebounds, dished out one assist and recorded two steals, all for a +11 (!) – the second best plus/minus of the game. He didn’t attempt one three, which is very un-Derek-like, but he did score his lone bucket in the paint, thanks to some shoddy Clippers defense.

If you confused Derek Fisher for Russell Westbrook there, you wouldn’t be the first person.

Lemon Face: #DunkCam gone wrong

If you ever needed a reason to not dunk on your friend, record it and send it out for the whole world to see, no matter how thunderous it may be, then watch this:

Ouch! Lesson learnt.

Hat tip to SB Nation for the GIFS.

Scott Rafferty