Pass of the Night: James Harden to Terrence Jones (Video)

Last night, the Celtics’ #TankSafariForJabari (Word to @HebertofNH) made its latest stop on the way to next summer’s NBA Draft. Pausing briefly in Houston, the Celtics meekly accepted their beating before getting on with the journey.

The final score says Rockets 109- Celtics 85, but the game wasn’t even that close. 5 minutes in, it was 18-1 Rockets, and at the end of the 1st quarter, they held a 40-18 lead. From there, the rest of the game was just a formality. It was a rare night that every healthy player on both sides got some run. Even the embattled Omer Asik got to play a few minutes.

Only three Celtics scored in double figures, as the  team combined to shoot 32-99, good (bad?) enough for 32.3%. The Rockets, meanwhile, did whatever they wanted on the offensive end, putting up 104 points on 56.9% shooting. Leading the way was Terrence Jones, who scored a career-high, 24 points and grabbed 9 rebounds.

Two of those two dozen points came in the middle of the third quarter, courtesy of a tricky pass from James Harden. The play started with Jones setting a screen for Harden on the left wing. Harden goes to his left of the screen, where he is met immediately by Brandon Bass. Avery Bradley fights through the pick, and quickly joins Bass, to form a trap. Jones, meanwhile, has began rolling down the lane.

Even though Jones was open on his roll, the Celtics had Harden all bottled up, or so it seemed. Spotting an opening between Bass’ legs, Harden slips the bounce pass between them, finding Jones, who converts the tough layup.