KOi Fusion Gives Blazers’ Fans Tacos If The Team Scores 100 Points At Home

Tacos > Sausage Egg McMuffins (Photo via KOi Fusion)

Tacos > Sausage Egg McMuffins (Photo via KOi Fusion)

The free Taco Bell Chalupas that the Portland Trail Blazers would give their fans if the team would score 100 or more points at a home game was one of the more popular in-game team promotions of recent years. Sadly, the Blazers just couldn’t “Live Más” and ended the promotion this season, replacing the popular chalupa with the not so popular McDonald’s Sausage Egg McMuffin.

From complaining on social media to even threatening that they will be bringing their own Chalupas to Blazers games, the the Sausage Egg McMuffin in-game promotion was not met with a lot of jubilation.

Sensing this discontent, the Korean Fusion Food truck and cart, KOi Fusion has responded to the challenge by allowing Blazers fans to bring their 100 Point Sausage Egg McMuffin coupon to any one of their locations for a free taco:

While the Trail Blazers are tearing up the Moda Center (*cough* Rose Garden) with an 8-2 record and ranked 1st in their division, we are soaking up that winning feeling and standing by for all the taco hungry Bball fans who would rather enjoy a taco than scarf a breakfast item! And don’t think that this is a limited time thing either–if there’s a five season deal in place, know that we are in it for the long haul!

A very smart marketing ploy by KOi Fusion which is already making Portlanders smile:

🙂 RT @KOifusionpdx Here’s our BIG announcement! Thanx for being so patient 🙂 —> #RIPCITY http://t.co/SgL6OhCQjFpic.twitter.com/FMaj87xS3e

— Seth J (@seth_slabs) November 19, 2013

The Blazers were hoping that fans would replace the beloved Chalupa chant that occurs when the team is close to scoring 100 points with this:

Beginning Nov. 2, as the team nears the 100-point mark fans will be encouraged to chant “MICK-E-DEES, MICK-E-DEES” until 100 points is reached. Scoreboard signage and videos, and rhythm through the sound system will keep the crowd in sync.

 But KOi Fushion has their own chant which they are hoping will catch on in the Moda center:

I’ll really know we’ve shaken things up when we hear you chanting at the next high scoring game! “KOi-TA-COS! KOi-TA-COS!”

This chat could actually happen as fans were already not a fan of the McDonald’s sponsored chant:

hahaa nobody wants to shout Micky Ds anyway! RT @KOifusionpdx Here’s our BIG announcement #kheads! #RIPCITY http://t.co/tv0y1pGuah

— Olivia Raymer (@poweredbytofu) November 18, 2013

A Korean BBQ taco does sound a lot more appealing than a Sausage Egg McMuffin both for health and deliciousness reasons, so hopefully this promotion will be successful for KOi Fushion. Give credit to owner Bo Kwon for creating this promotion and doing the altruistic thing by donating the redeemed McDonald’s coupons to homeless shelters.  There has been no official comment from the Blazers yet but if fans start chanting “KOi-TA-COS” at home games, they are bound to take notice.

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