Pass of the Night: Blake Griffin to DeAndre Jordan (Video)

With 12 games in the Association last night, there were a number of places we could have looked for the Pass of the Night. And we found it in the night’s finale between the Los Angeles Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder.

In the second match-up of ESPN’s doubleheader last night, the Thunder traveled to Los Angeles for a meeting between two of the leading contenders for the Western Conference crown.

After a hot start from the Clippers, the Thunder battled back to take control in the first half. But a hot 3rd quarter gave the Clippers back the lead, and they held on in the 4th for a 111-103 win on their home court. There were a number of awesome plays throughout the night – which isn’t surprising given the talent that was on the court – and we even saw multiple ejections. (Matt Barnes and Serge Ibaka for fighting late in the 2nd quarter.)

But the Pass of the Night came before any of that ruckus, in fact before almost everything. Just over a minute into the game, the Clippers were leading 2-0 and had control of the ball in the half court. After taking a few dribbles, Blake Griffin executed a hand-off/screen for J.J. Redick. Redick took a couple dribbles himself, and then found a cutting Griffin with a pass. Without ever really controlling it however, Griffin touched the ball on to his front court mate DeAndre Jordan who ferociously slammed home the alley-oop.


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