Pass of the Night: Mario Chalmers to LeBron James (Video)

Last night, the NBA was fairly boring, and very forgettable. None of the just four games were close at all – the “narrowest” margin being 10 points. But while the games overall weren’t that great, we still saw some awesome plays, including Xavier Henry’s dunk, and a sweet alley-oop from Mario Chalmers to LeBron James that is the latest “Pass of the Night.”

In a game that turned out just about the way everyone expected, the Miami Heat welcomed the Milwaukee Bucks to South Beach last night, and sent them home with a 23 point loss. A fully healthy Bucks team would stand little chance of stealing a win in Miami, so it came as no surprise that without larry sanders¡ (Due to his recent off the court issues and injury, we will no longer be referring to him as LARRY SANDERS!) and Ersan Ilyasova the Heat cruised to an easy win.

Leading the way for the Heat, as always, was LeBron James, who finished with 33 points. Also chipping in was Mario Chalmers, who scored 15, dished out 7 assists and grabbed 4 rebounds. One of those assists – the aforementioned alley-oop to LeBron – was the Pass of the Night.

Late in the 2nd quarter, Dwyane Wade grabbed a loose ball and fired it up the court to Chalmers. Super Mario caught up to the ball in the paint, but with Khris Middleton closing in on him, decided not to go for a shot. Instead, spotting LeBron streaking down the court behind him Chalmers, delayed for a second before lofting the ball straight up over his head, and into the path of LeBron who caught it in mid-air and threw down the dunk.


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