ICYMI: Suggested Basketball Reading From Across the Web

Well last night was about as wild of a night as you can have in the NBA. We had a Jeff Green buzzer-beater with 0.6 seconds left to stun the Heat, a double-overtime thriller between the Cavaliers and Sixers (that coincidentally saw Kyrie Irving hit a game winner that fell through with 0.6 seconds left on the clock), and multiple high-scoring shootouts. The NBA regular season is a grind, and these are the nights that make it all worth it. And in just a few minutes, it starts all over again as the Knicks face the Spurs in the first of today’s four game slate. As always, we’re back with some words for you to read in today’s suggested basketball readings from across the web.

Sunday Shootaround: Anthony Davis is already here: By Paul Flannery (@PFlanns)

After multiple injuries stifled his momentum in his rookie season, everyone was expecting Anthony Davis to have a breakout year. But no one thought he would be this good, this soon. As Paul Flannery of SB Nation writes, it isn’t so much a surprise that he’s putting up these kind of numbers, just that he’s doing it so early in his career.

The Spurs need to improve their shot selection: By Jesus Gomez (@JejeGomez_PtR)

The San Antonio Spurs have long been known for their crisp, efficient offense. With Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili leading the way for the past decade, they’ve been the league’s best. This season however, Jesus Gomez of SB Nation’s Pounding the Rock has noticed a concerning trend; the Spurs are taking too many mid-range jumpers.


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