Jarron’s New Fashion Statement

Jason Collins has, understandably, been in the news a lot recently after he came out in April.

Of course, by proxy, Jarron Collins has gotten a lot of media attention from those mistaking him for Jason. Naturally, this happened at Las Vegas Summer League, which Jarron was attending as a scout for the Los Angeles Clippers. I can remember one particular moment where Jarron and I were sharing an elevator up from the media room to the main floor. When the doors opened on the main floor and Jarron stepped out, a female reporter yelled “Jason!” Jarron, who appeared to be used to this already, calmly replied, “No, I’m Jarron!” and held his hand out for a handshake. The reporter shook his hand, but responded with an disappointed and very audible, “Ohhh…”

After this, I took up a conversation with Jarron to ask him how many times this had happened. His response was that it probably happened 20-30 times a day and that maybe he should consider investing in a shirt that says “I’m the straight one”.

Apparently he’s made that investment.

(h/t Fansided)

Clearly Jarron and Jason have a keen sense of humor. Hopefully, Jarron can get his own attention as a former NBA player and a scout for the Clippers instead of just for his brother’s courageous actions.

EDIT: I’m told this is related to a visit on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Regardless, it’s still hilarious to know that Jarron Collins actually does have that shirt that says “I’m the straight one”.

Bo Churney