ICYMI: Suggested Basketball Reading From Across the Web

After last night’s jam-packed schedule produced some great games – including an overtime affair in Washington between the Wizards and the Brooklyn nets, and two games that came down to the final shot (Boston vs. Orlando and Golden State vs. San Antonio) – the hectic pace continues with 9 more games tonight. While you’re enjoying your Saturday afternoon, you should take some time to do some reading before settling in for your choice of games this evening. If you don’t know what to read, then you’re in luck, because as always we’re here with some good picks in today’s suggested basketball readings from across the web.

Paul George is dictating melody and tempo for the Pacers: By Cole Patty (@ColePatty

After bursting onto the radar last season (and especially in the playoffs), Paul George has come out of the gates looking like an MVP candidate this year. Thanks in large part to his play, the Pacers are the only remaining undefeated team, at 6-0. Over at Hickory High, Cole Patty wrote about George taking control of the Pacers and truly being “the man” for them. He also drops what may be the first Persimfans reference in a basketball article.

Digging into the Bobcats’ interior defense problems: By Chris Barnewall (@ChrisBarnewall

The Charlotte Bobcats have been okay so far this season. They probably aren’t going to make the playoffs, but with they also might not claim their usual spot at the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings. One of their main issues (among many), is their poor interior defense. Using their match-up against the New Orleans Pelicans as an example, Chris Barnewall broke down just what the problems are with their defense down low.


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