Pass of the Night: Deron Williams to Andray Blatche (Video)

With a multitude of options for NBA watching last night, it’s understandable if you skipped out on the Brooklyn Nets vs. Utah Jazz match-up. Right from the tip it was clear that it wasn’t going to be a closely contested affair.

After the 1st quarter, the Nets held a 28-18 lead and never looked back. Even after their reserves were outscored by eight points in the 4th quarter, the Nets still took home a 104-88 victory. The Nets used a balanced attack to secure the win, with six different players scoring in double-figures. One of those six was point guard Deron Williams, who finished the night with just 10 points, but also added 8 assists. It was his eighth and final assist, that was good enough to find it’s way to the latest edition of Pass of the Night.

In the middle of the 3rd quarter, Williams took a pass from Paul Pierce in the backcourt and began to make his way up the court, starting with a nifty little spin move. He moved from the left hand side to the middle as he made his way up the court, in a bit of a secondary break that left the Jazz’ defense out of position. Nearing the top of the key, he spotted Andray Blatche all alone on the left block and fired a bullet to him that Blatch caught and proceeded to slam through the hoop.


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