Tuesday Tales: Chris Kaman Goes Hunting: Chapter 3

Welcome back to Tuesday Tales, our weekly fan fiction series. Today we continue with “Chris Kaman Goes Hunting. Chapters 1 and 2 can be found here.

“We really have to get on the road though,” Chris told Nick. “Can you be ready to leave in about a half-an-hour?”

“Yeah, just let me take a shower and change and I’ll be ready to go,” Nick replied.

As the two made their way to the locker room, Chris wondered just how this was going to work. He was happy to bring Nick along, but although he had some extra gear, it certainly wasn’t going to fit Nick. There were plenty of guns to go around, however, so that wouldn’t be an issue. They’d also have to stop and pick up a little extra food, just in case. It was obvious that however it ended up working out, it wasn’t going to be a normal hunting trip.

After a few minutes, Chris and Nick got to the locker room, where Robert was waiting.

“What’s going on guys?” said Robert, greeting the two with hugs.

“Getting some early work in huh, Nick?”

“Oh, you already know. Gotta rise and grind man.”

As Nick quickly showered and got dressed, Chris and Robert went over the plans for the trip.

They were heading about an hour or so East of the city to a ranch in Riverside where there were big horn sheep and boar to hunt. The plan was to arrive before lunch this morning. That way they could avoid traffic, have a bite to eat and still get out for a few hours tonight. Then they would have all Saturday and Sunday morning before they had to make their way back.

As soon as Nick was ready to go, the unlikely trio crammed into Chris’ truck and got on the road. After a quick stop at McDonald’s – Robert’s idea – Chris pulled into a Vons to pick up some extra food and supplies. With the detour over, the group was soon on the freeway and cruising. Along the way, Chris and Robert explained to Nick the plan for the weekend that they had went over in the locker room prior to departing.

With traffic relatively light – it was still early in the morning – they made excellent time and pulled into the ranch not far behind schedule. Getting out of the truck, the teammates stretched out their stiff muscles, the result of piling three NBA bodies into a truck designed to comfortably seat two regular people.

Gathering up the gear and supplies, the three made their way inside to confirm their reservations and find their room. It was time to get this hunting trip started.

Tune in next week for the fourth installment of “Chris Kaman Goes Hunting.”