Tae Bo Founder Billy Blanks And The Denver Nuggets Team Up For Workout Video

Pre-Denver Nuggets Billy Blanks Photo: Flickr/mary_thompson

Pre-Denver Nuggets Billy Blanks     Photo: Flickr/mary_thompson

From appearing in the team’s holiday videos to being omnipresent on their bench, Denver Nuggets’ strength and conditioning coach, Steve Hess, is one of the more well known team trainers in the league. Back in September during training camp, Hess had Tae Bo founder Billy Blanks working out with the Nuggets as part of a collaboration between the team and Blanks’s company Celebrity Sweat.

From Nuggets.com:

Blanks was in Denver to film the first-ever “team” episode of Celebrity Sweat, a motivational fitness program aimed at promoting the importance of exercise and wellness in the national fight against obesity.

“Most people think that all a basketball player does is shoot and dribble a basketball and run up and down the court,” Blanks said. “Steve, he’s an amazing coach. He gets these guys going through strength training, flexibility training, cardio training and aerobic training. He’s making them the total athlete.”

After a 20-minute workout with Nuggets center JaVale McGee, Blanks persevered through subsequent training sessions with forward Wilson Chandler, guard Evan Fournier and forward Kenneth Faried.

“Pretty impressive,” McGee said of his 58-year-old training partner. “What we do is a lot harder than people think.”

He got no argument from Blanks, a seven-time world karate champion and former Golden Gloves champion.

“I love the athletes who train and work out hard,” he said. “That takes a lot of discipline and a lot of focus. I have new respect for them.”

In September, there were some great photos of Blanks and the Nuggets training  together but now we have actual video of the whole experience:

Having Steve Hess motivationally shout “Oh you karate, dude!”, has to be one of the best sayings in the history of workout videos.

It is not a surprise that the Nuggets are often one of the better conditioned teams in the league, as you can see from this short clip, Hess puts the Nuggets through extensive workouts which mimics the physical aspect of an actual game experience. Hess has been with the Nuggets for 17 years and knows his way around the weight room which has to be one of the main reasons Billy Blanks choose to work with him.

If you are interested in buying the full workout video, hit up the Celebrity Sweat store as some of the sale proceeds will be donated to the NBA Cares initiative. While there feel free to check out some of the other workout videos featuring NBA players like Matt Barnes and Andrew Bynum…wait Andrew Bynum?

Maybe just buy the Nuggets’ video.

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