If You Aren’t Throwing Long Distance Lobs, Don’t Bother Throwing Them At All (Video)

Regular old lobs are so last year.

Sure they’re fun I guess, but we’ve moved on to bigger and better things. Long distance lobs are where it’s at now. And really, if you aren’t throwing long distance lobs, don’t bother throwing them at all.

We saw the trend start last week with Chris Paul throwing Blake Griffin one from near mid-court. Tonight we got even more examples of this beautiful play. One came from Stephen Curry and the other, unsurprisingly, came from Paul.

Curry set the standard for long distance lobs this season when he fired this three-quarter court alley-oop to Andre Iguodala.

Later in the night, Paul put in another effort with his feed to Griffin from almost half-court against the Houston Rockets.

So enough with the simple passes. The “two-on-one fast break lob from 10 feet away?” Or the “float up a simple pass up to a roller after a screen?” Leave that on the practice floor. It’s not even worth our time to watch such basic and frankly, boring plays.

See those passes from Curry and Paul? Now that’s something worth watching.

I want long distance lobs. Give me long distance lobs. And give me them now.