Pass of the Night: Ricky Rubio to Nikola Pekovic (Video)

With a thrilling night of NBA action last night – overtime in Memphis, late game magic in Phoenix, and a number of high scoring affairs – there were a lot of options for “Pass of the Night.” But ultimately, it was our buddy Ricky Rubio who changed our faces, securing the top spot for the night.

Welcoming the Oklahoma City Thunder into the Target Center, the Timberwolves (and certainly their fans) expected a tough challenge. But without Russell Westbrook to help out Kevin Durant, the T’Wolves easily took care of business, dispatching the Thunder with a surprising 100-81 victory.

Helping to lead the way for the T’Wolves was – to no surprise – Rickkyyyyyyyy Ruuuuuuubbbbbiiiiiiooooooooo. In 29 minutes, he put up 14 points, 10 assists and added 5 steals. One of those assists – to Nikola Pekovic (hey, sound familiar?) – was a beautiful find that is sure to make it’s way onto Rubio highlight reels.

With time winding down in the 2nd quarter, Kevin Durant hoisted a three-pointer that ended up clanging off the rim, where it was secured, unsurprisingly, by Kevin Love. Immediately, Love looked up to hit Rubio with a perfect outlet pass down the right side. After a few dribbled, Rubio got to the paint and looked like he had a chance to try and lay it up. But, spotting Pekovic trailing behind him, Rubio decided instead to drop a bounce pass backwards through traffic, which Pekovic corralled and finished for two.

Yeah. Ricky Rubio is awesome.


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