Lion Face Lemon Face 10/31/13: Lob City Will Never Die

Last night, we were treated to two powerhouse games, Chicago Bulls vs. New York Knicks and L.A. Clippers vs. Golden State Warriors, and what better way to break them down than with Lion Face/Lemon Face: The feature that looks the best and worst headlines of the night.

Lion Face: Derrick Rose can score!

In two games, Derrick Rose has scored a total of 30 points on 11-for-38 shooting from the floor. While he looked like his old self in preseason, he struggled to finish around the rim against the Heat and Knicks  – his bread and butter – and apparently, he’s also forgotten what a pull-up jump-shot is. But that floater? It’s still there. Or maybe that’s his clutch gene taking over.

Lemon Face: Derrick Rose and Carmelo Anthony exchange bricks

While the Clippers and Warriors were lighting up the scoreboard in Los Angeles, Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose were trying to see who could lead their team to a victory while missing the most shots. (Apparently that’s what team’s like to do in Chicago). Even though they both missed 16 shots each, Rose wound up with a worse percentage overall and got his Bulls their first win of the season. Sorry, Melo. Maybe next time.

But going back to that Clippers and Warriors game for a second…

Lion Face: Point Gods

Thank the heavens for point gods. Even though he turned the ball over 11 times, Stephen Curry put in a valiant effort against the Clippers by scoring 38 point on nine treys and dishing out nine assists. And Chris Paul? Well, he went off to the tune of 42 point, 15 assist and six steal, becoming the first player in 40 years to put up at least 40-15-5 in a game. As I said, thank the heavens for point gods.

Lemon Face: Carmelo’s kryptonite

Since joining the Knicks in 2011, Carmelo has played against the Chicago Bulls 10 times and has beaten them…once. Once in 10 tries! So that jumper Melo missed over Luol Deng at the end of the game? Blame it on the kryptonite. That stuff will do nasty things to your scoring ability.

Lion Face: Lob City is not dead

A month ago, Blake Griffin said, “Lob City doesn’t exist anymore.”

Last night, this happened in the third quarter:


Then this happened 17 seconds later:


And this happened 15 seconds after that last one:


That’s three alley-oops in 32 seconds. Lob City will never die.

Lemon Face: Spike Lee struggle face

The Knicks outscored the Bulls 20-11 in the 4th quarter, but gave up a routine floater to Derrick Rose in the closing seconds. Of course Spike Lee wasn’t happy.

Lion Face: Tyson Chandler is back

He only scored seven points, but Tyson Chandler blocked four shots and grabbed 19 rebounds against the Bulls on Thursday night. If he wants to make a little extra cash when he’s done playing in the NBA, he could teach young big men the art of back-tapping. He’s that good at it.

Lemon Face: Alexey Shved goes trick-or-treating

I’m not going to say anything else about this one. You should just hit play.

“I like candies. Thank you!”

Scott Rafferty

  • NBACousinVinnie

    Woman: “I have LOTS of candy for you!”
    Alexey: “Give me one, please…” *giggles*
    Someone needs to explain to Alexey the American tradition of taking the whole bowl (or at least a massive handful) when they offer you more than one piece! Oh Alexey, you have so much to learn…