Pass of the Night: Derrick Rose to Luol Deng (Video)

With only two games going on last night, we don’t have to look far to find the best pass.

After getting crushed by the Miami Heat on opening night, the Chicago Bulls and Derrick Rose returned home to the United Center. It was Rose’s first meaningful game (preseason games do not count) there since he tore his ACL back in the spring of 2012.

Rose wasn’t sharp, but he provided a glimpses of his old self, including a game winning floater over Tyson Chandler in the waning seconds (which you can check out here). He also chipped in 3 assists, including a seemingly impossible feed to Luol Deng.

With a few minutes remaining in the second quarter, Rose picked up a loose ball and started off on a fast break down the left hand side. Nearing half court, he lost control of the ball for a second, and had to lunge to regather control, with a close-by Raymond Felton reaching for it as well. At first it seemed like Felton had done enough to at least knock the ball away from Rose. But with a combination of strength and luck, Rose found himself back in possession. But, he was now stuck up in the air.

No worries, however, because this wasn’t any point guard stuck in a precarious situation and about to travel. This was Derrick Rose. A split-second before gravity won once again and Rose returned to the floor, he fired a bounce pass ahead to Luol Deng for an easy bucket.


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