Stephen Curry Still Gets IDed Going To R-Rated Movies

I couldn’t think of a better nickname than “The Baby Faced Assassin” for Stephen Curry. It’s perfect. I mean, he looks half his actual age and he lights up defenders on a nightly basis in the best basketball league in the world. Hence its perfection!

But I’m sure Steph isn’t crazy about it because being related in any way to a baby at this point of his career must be kind of infuriating. Probably not as annoying as being IDed everywhere he goes, though.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Steph was asked how often he has to prove that he’s over the legal drinking age when he goes out to clubs and, well, it happens nearly every single time, apparently.

I’d say percentage-wise, like 95 percent of the time…You gotta have that ID on hand.

But if that wasn’t ridiculous enough, Curry also said this:

I guess the most embarrassing one is trying to get into an R-Rated movie. That’s the worst…That happened in the last six months…I’ve got to work on my facial hair game.

(Steph had a lot more to say on this matter; I just pulled the best bits. If you want to hear more, go to the 6:50 mark in the audio clip below)

But back to what I was saying…STEPHEN CURRY IS 25 YEARS OLD. 25. Years. Old. He has a kid. He has a wife. He’s getting paid over $9 million this season. He endorses Muscle Milk, Under Armor and Capri Sun. And he still gets IDed going to R-Rated movies?

The saddest thing about all of this is that the person who works at the movie theatre Steph keeps going to clearly hasn’t watched SportsCenter in the last 12 months. But I guess that’s proof the “Baby Faced” part of his nickname is fitting.

Props to Reddit for finding this.

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