#DunkCam: Amir Johnson And Rudy Gay Posterize A Raptors Employee

This just in: #DunkCam is getting out of control.

I don’t know who the person is who gets posterised in the video below, but I can tell you he’s not a NBA player because: a) I know my Toronto Raptors and b) he’s not wearing any practice gear. Go figure, right?

Either way, that didn’t stop Rudy Gay from creeping up behind him with a miniature hoop to set Amir Johnson up for a huge dunk.

Apparently this is how they get ready for their season openers in Toronto.

Scott Rafferty

  • Mike

    Johnson once said one of his goals as a NBA player was to posterize Shaq. I guess he had to settle for a MLSE/Raptors employee or relation of an employee.