New Orleans Pelicans Unveil Terrifying New Mascot

First of all, Pelicans is an awesome nickname. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s original and has a connection to the area, two important traits to have in a nickname. I mean, even Zach Lowe is on board. And when Zach Lowe has an opinion on something NBA related, he’s usually right.

Unfortunately, however, the mascot is NOT so awesome. In fact, it is terrifying.

Meet Pierre the Pelican.

This just can’t happen. You’ve had months and months to come up with a mascot, and this is it? What is that face? The mouth looks like a clown and the eyes seem like they have eyeliner on them. Pelicans is a great nickname, but it isn’t one that’s supposed to strike fear into an opponent. This mascot, however, might do just that.

The Pelicans tweet also set off a firestorm of Twitter jokes, which came in at a velocity rarely seen in the #basketballtwitter streets. Here’s just a sampling of them.

Internet personality @hancxck checking in.

Wait, Pierre? Is the Pelicans mascot JaVale McGee?

And if the original mascot wasn’t creepy enough, we have NightmaroPeli, courtesy of Zach Harper.

In short: Pelicans is awesome. Pierre is not.