Lion Face Lemon Face 10/29/13: ROSE BACK

Did you miss anything from last night’s season opener? No worries, Lion Face/Lemon Face is here to catch you up. The concept is simple: do something good? That’s a Lion Face for you. Do something that’s not so good? Well, that’s a Lemon Face. Onward!

Lion Face: Derrick Rose playing in a regular season basketball game

550 days. That’s how long it had been since Derrick Rose had played a game of basketball that actually counted for something. In which case, RIP to all the “Derrick Rose return” jokes. You won’t be missed. At all.

Lemon Face: Derrick Rose’s play in this regular season basketball game

It certainly wasn’t pretty for Derrick in his return to the floor. He had a couple of nice layups early in the game, but other than that, the Miami defense really had their way with him. Rose went 4-for-15 from the floor and had more turnovers than assists. (five to four) He should have a better time in his next game, which is against a non-defending champion.

Lion Face: Noted Diming Enthusiast LeBron James

First, LeBron did this:

And I thought that was completely unfair. Then he did this:

(via FTW)


Yeah, that seems to sum it up correctly.

Lemon Face: Jacque Vaughn

The Magic coach benched Andrew Nicholson for being too good. No really. Nicholson had 18 points on 8-for-9 shooting in the first half in just 12 minutes. Nicholson then proceeded to play exactly zero minutes and zero seconds in the third quarter. Victor Oladipo didn’t get as many minutes at some had hoped either, only playing 23 minutes in this contest. I get that the Magic are trying to tank, but you can still tank by giving Nicholson and Oladipo 30 minutes of playing time. Hell, it might even be entertaining!

Lion Face: Roy Hibbert is still good at defense

The Pacers had 18 total blocks in this game (EIGHTEEN!) and seven of them came from the Master of Verticality, Roy Hibbert. I appreciate the effort from the Magic to keep trying to get to the rim, but I’m really not sure what Jason Maxiell was hoping to accomplish here:

Lemon Face: The Clippers in the fourth quarter

I imagine this wasn’t the way Doc Rivers wanted to start his tenure in Los Angeles. The Clippers had a 79-75 lead against the Lakers heading into the fourth quarter, and then allowed the Lakers to score 41 in the final period with Steve Nash and Pau Gasol sitting on the bench for the entire period. Considering the Clippers have title ambitions, I don’t think they want to be losing to a team that started something called a “Shawne Williams” at power forward.

Lion Face: The Lakers’ bench squad

The non-starters for the Lakers put up 70 points, led by Xavier Henry’s 22 point effort off of 11 shots. Jordan Farmar scored 16 points and Jordan Hill came in and started grabbing all of the offensive rebounds. ALL OF THEM! At least for now, the Swagtime Lakers are a rousing success.

Lemon Face: Dallas Mavericks

They didn’t even play last night, but they did release this yesterday:

It’s hilarious, but I just can’t give that a lion face. I CAN’T DO IT!

Bo Churney