Anthony Davis Soars High For Alley-Oop (Video)

The night didn’t start off so great for the New Orleans Pelicans, what with the mascot fiasco and all. But then the game started, and Anthony Davis plays for the Pelicans and Anthony Davis is really long, and really athletic and can jump really high and is going to be really good, and Anthony Davis did this.

After setting a screen for Brian Roberts, Davis rolls to the basket. Luis Scola (the Pacers’ man responsible for Davis) sinks into the paint to stop Roberts’ penetration into the lane and give Roberts’ man time to get back into the play. Afterwards, Scola turns to rotate back to Davis. Unfortunately for him, Davis is a bit more athletic, and while Scola’s back was turned, had gathered himself and sprung his lanky body into the air.

Roberts spots him and floats up a pass that at first seems to be a bit to high and slightly behind Davis. But you must remember that Anthony Davis is really long, really athletic, and can jump really high. So Anthony Davis snatched the ball out of the air with one hand and ferociously slammed it home.

For more evidence of how awesome this dunk was, let’s take a look at a screen shot from when Davis was at his peak.


This is hopefully just a sign of things to come from Davis this year. Both him and the Pelicans should be incredibly fun to watch. (Just get rid of that dang mascot.)

(H/T to @HPBasketball for the video)