Tuesday Tales: Chris Kaman Goes Hunting: Chapter 2

Welcome back to Tuesday Tales!

I know all of you were waiting desperately for Chapter 2 of “Chris Kaman Goes Hunting,” so here you go. (If you somehow missed Chapter 1, you can check it out here.)


“Nick Young!?”

Chris was stunned. Of everyone on the team, he never imagined it would be Nick Young showing up early to the facilities.

After parking his truck, Chris got out and stretched out his arms and back, arching his torso inwards and stretching his long arms to the sky. Then he walked inside.

Ambling down the hallway towards the team’s locker room, Chris heard the faint sounds of someone shooting in the gym. For a second it scared him, until he remembered seeing Nick’s car in the lot.

Still, though, part of him couldn’t believe it. This was the same Nick Young who had become somewhat of a laughingstock around the league and could barely get off the bench last year in Philadelphia. So Chris decided he had to see for himself.

Walking over to the door, Chris paused and watched through the small window for a few minutes. He was impressed. There was Nick, drenched in sweat, working on his game. Chris figured he might as well go inside and say hello.

Nick was a native of Los Angeles, and like Chris was making a return to the city this year. Just like Chris, Nick had previously spent time with the Clippers, though they didn’t play together there. The two weren’t exactly buddies – not because there were bad feelings between them – but never being teammates before, they just hadn’t really gotten to know each other yet.

“Nick!” Chris yelled. “What’s going on man? Didn’t expect to see you here this early.”

Startled, Nick turned around. “Oh, shit. What’s up Chris? You scared me man.”

“Oh, sorry about that. Figured I might as well come in and say hi before I left.”

“Before you leave? Actually, what exactly are you doing here, man?”

“Here to pick up Rob. I’m taking him along for my last hunting trip of the year. We decided it’d be easiest to just meet here.”

“Oh you guys are going hunting? Cool. Good luck with that. Not really my thing, but have fun.”

“Yeah thanks man. Well, gotta go see if Rob’s ready so we can get on the road. I’ll see ya.”

Chris turned to walk out of the gym and go find Rob in the locker room. But as he got to the door he heard Nick yell.

“Hey Chris! Hold up a sec. Actually that sounds like it’d be kinda fun. Mind if I tag along?”

Not expecting the question, Chris paused for a second. Then he turned around.

“Sure, bud. We’d love to have ya.”


Tune in next week for the third installment of “Chris Kaman Goes Hunting”


  • Blind12

    Make u wanna cry.

    • Jack Maloney

      haha why’s that?