Derrick Rose Back (Video)

Sure he’s played in a few preseason games, but tonight, Derrick Rose came back for real.

Before the game, he was welcomed back by President Barack Obama.

And not even two minutes into the game, Rose scored his first bucket. It was a classic Rose basket, as he split the double team, got into the pain, jumped in the air and contorted his body around the help defender before flipping the ball home.

With the game currently at halftime, Rose has put up 7 points on 3-9 shooting, and also four turnovers. He’s shown flashes of his old self, including two slashing layups, but has also shown a little rust in his first game back.

The Bulls will need a lot more from Rose in the 2nd half if they hope to make a comeback, as they currently trail the Heat 54-33.

(H/T to @EyeOnBasketball for the video)