9 Minutes of Ricky Rubio Passing Highlights (Video)

Without any NBA action last night, there was no passing from which to pick a “Pass of the Night.” As was noted yesterday, the feature will make its return Wednesday, following Tuesday night’s regular season openers.

So what better way to fill the void than with some highlights of Ricky Rubio. Everyone knows how awesome Rubio is in general, and his passing ability is probably his greatest trait. There’s alley-oops, behind-the-back feeds, no-lookers, and any other type of pass you can think of. Not really too much to add here. Just sit back and enjoy 9 minutes of Rubio’s passing genius. If you’re sad this afternoon (maybe, say, from the Red Sox debacle last night), watching this video will definitely change your face.

My favorite comes at the 2:18 mark, when Rubio finds Kevin Love with a beautiful behind-the-back dish that he slips right under his defender’s arm.

There will surely be more of this to come this season from our favorite Spanish point guard, especially with his buddy Kevin Love back healthy. The Timberwolves tip off their season Wednesday night, when they welcome the Orlando Magic into the Target Center.


Comment below, and let us know your favorite of these impressive passes.