Pass of the Night: Steve Nash to Shawne Williams (Video)

Well this is it, the final “Pass of the Night” for the preseason. Not a bad way to end it either.

(Ed. Note: With the end of the preseason last night, there will be no games until the regular season tips off on Tuesday. Therefore there will be no passes being thrown, and as such there will be no “Pass of the Night.” We will return with this feature Wednesday morning. Until then, check out the rest of our awesome content.)

It was a high scoring affair last night, as the Utah Jazz traveled to southern California to take on the Los Angeles Lakers in the preseason finale for both squads. As teams often to in the preseason, the Lakers were playing a little ways away from home – this time in Anaheim.

Early in the 3rd quarter, Steve Nash made sure that the fans got what they paid to see. With under 30 seconds left in the quarter, and the Lakers leading 83-73, Nash controlled the ball out on the right wing. After a few seconds, his buddy Pau Gasol came over to set a screen. Nash – even at 40 years old – is one of the very best in the world at using ball screens.

He came off the screen to the left, and began to drive towards the basket. The Jazz don’t exactly do a great job defending the play, and Nash is able to get into the pain pretty easily. Now past his man, Nash forces Brian Cook to help off of his man and stop the penetration. Cook does his job, and makes life difficult for Nash. But unfortunately for the Jazz, Nash is a passing savant. He finds a now wide open Shawne Williams behind him and flicks the ball over his head to Williams, who lays it up and in for two.


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  • hookedonnews

    No one does it better. I wonder how Shawn Williams likes playing with Nash?

    • Jack Maloney

      I’m sure he loves it. Who wouldn’t love playing with Nash?