Pass of the Night: Draymond Green to Klay Thompson (Video)

With Andre Iguodala joining the squad, the Golden State Warriors promise to be even more exciting and entertaining than last year’s bunch. It’s no surprise then, that the Warriors are making an appearance on “Pass of the Night.”

So who is it that made the brilliant pass? Stephen Curry? Iguodala? Klay Thompson?

Nope. It was Draymond Green. Seriously. Draymond Green is the first Warrior to get on “Pass of the Night,” and it was a beauty.

Last night, the Warriors were closing out their preseason schedule with a game against the visiting Portland Trail Blazers. Leading the way in the scoring department for Golden State was, unsurprisingly, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, with 17 and 16 respectively. Finishing up with a 0 in the scoring column, was Green. But despite missing all six of his shots, he made the most impressive play of the night.

After his man (LaMarcus Aldridge) sets a screen for Damian Lillard (guarded by Stephen Curry), Green steps out to hedge, which gives Curry a second to get over the screen and back to Lillard. It works, as Curry is able to deflect the pass that Lillard tries to throw over his hands to Aldridge. Green then steps through and picks off the deflected pass on his way to starting a fast break. Aldridge trails after him, and looks like he has good position to at least disrupt any shot attempt Green makes. But Green outsmarts him and throws a pass backwards, around Aldridge’s back to a trailing Thompson, who slams it home.


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