J.R. Smith Buzzer Beater, Complete With Classic J.R. Smith Celebration (Video)

After missing all of the New York Knicks’ previous preseason game while recovering from an offseason knee surgery, J.R. Smith returned to the court tonight. And make no doubt about it, he’s back, and he’s doing things.

Allow J.R. to reintroduce himself.

Yep. That’s a pull-up three from just inside of half-court at the buzzer, complete with his trademark ‘kneeling, arm windmilling, hands-shaking-and-curled-to-form-a-three-point-sign, with his eyes raised to heaven’ celebration.

Now of course we’ll have to wait five games to see this in the regular season because of Smith’s suspension, but such is life with J.R. He’s immensely talented, but [insert whatever cliche you want to use to say that he's his own person here].

Watching Smith perform can be both exhilarating and exhausting, especially if you happen to be a Knicks fan. But no matter how much of a knucklehead he can be, the league is certainly more enjoyable with Smith around.

(H/T to the Blog Mamba)