Buckets Pondexter Suffers Broken Leg, Placed on IR

Very sad news coming through this morning, as we’ve learned that Buckets Pondexter has suffered a broken leg. According to his Instagram, page, he didn’t listen to his pops Quincy, and kept jumping on and off the couch, eventually landing wrong and breaking his leg. The injury has landed Buckets on the IR, and it’s unknown when he’ll be back running around.


If you’re unfamiliar with Buckets, you need to check out his Instagram page ASAP. Named Buckets because the first thing he laid down next to was a basketball, he came into the league last year as a youngster and immediately emerged as a fan favorite.

Since he first showed up on the radar as one of the cutest dogs around, we’ve seen Buckets driving a car, keeping watch over his pops as he practiced, celebrating Quincy’s massive dunk in the playoffs, and dressing up as a superhero. Simply put, he’s the best around.

The transformation we’ve seen from Buckets even in these few months has been astounding. At first he was small and shy, bringing joy and happiness to everyone with every picture we saw of him. Now that he’s getting older, we’re starting to see glimpses of the bright future that everyone foresaw for him the minute he entered the league. Much like LeBron James, there is no doubt Buckets will be one of the best of all time. The only question remaining is when?

The broken leg he’s recovering from is surely just a small hitch in his ascension to the throne.