Pass of the Night: LeBron James to Dwyane Wade to LeBron James (Video)

We aren’t even through with the preseason, but we have the early leader for pass(es) of the year. This combo pass from LeBron James and Dwyane Wade is a brilliant display of athleticism, vision and understanding of each other. It surely won’t be the last time we see either of these guys on “Pass of the Night,” but it might wind up being the best.

Last night, the Miami Heat traveled west to New Orleans for a match-up with the newly named Pelicans. It should come as no surprise that LeBron and Wade led the squad to an easy victory, with James dropping 27 points and Wade adding 25 of his own, as well as 7 assists.

Right from the get go, the two made it known that they had come ready to play. A few minutes into the first quarter, LeBron took a pass away from Anthony Davis and started off like a train, barreling his way down the court. Streaking ahead of him down the left, was his buddy Wade. Just past half court, LeBron jumped into the air and threaded a bounce pass between two Pelicans defenders, but the angle of the pass made it bounce high into the air. Wade was ready for it though, and jumped to catch the bounding ball. After releasing the pass, Lebron kept running towards the basket, and Wade spotting him out of the corner of his eye, dropped him a backwards bounce pass just as he landed from catching LeBron’s original pass. LeBron grabbed the ball in stride and threw down a powerful two-handed slam.


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