The Latest #GotEm Victim: Patrick Beverley

New season. New team. Same old Dwight Howard.

Well, maybe that last part isn’t so true. After battling back and shoulder injuries all of last season, he is supposedly 100 percent again, which gives Rockets fans a reason to believe that the old Dwight will show up this season, not the decrepit Lakers Dwight.

But other than that, he’s the same old goofball who likes to keep the mood in the locker room light, which makes him a perfect candidate to be president of the Houston Rockets’ #GotEm club. (You know, because every team needs a #GotEm club). And judging by his latest Instagram, he’s prepared to take on the responsibilities that come along with that prestigious position, which basically boils down to taking funny pictures of sleepy teammates.

That’s a passed out Patrick Beverley on the Rockets’ flight to San Antonio. Oh, and I almost forgot the best part: Dwight’s caption.

Lil ze from the city of God lol. Hahahha

Haven’t seen “City Of God?” Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

That’s Trinidad James on the right, by the way. I didn’t intend for him to be a part of this initially, but apparently there’s a joke out there on the interwebs that Lil Ze is the spitting image of him, so…yeah, I guess we could say that Beverley looks like him, too.

Scott Rafferty