Victor Oladipo May Have Invented A New Dance Move

Some rookies dance around like fools because their veterans tell them to. But Victor Oladipo? Well, he’s not your average rookie because, judging by Moe Harkless’ latest Instagram, he doesn’t need some elder statesman breathing down his neck for a beat to take control of his body. Instead, he just needs some catchy song and a stage.

In this case, the song is something I’ve never heard of before and the stage is the Orlando Magic’s locker room. And luckily for all of us, teammate Moe Harkless was there to document the whole thing because it was pretty hilarious.

(Video courtesy of @moe_harkless)

I’m no dancer, so can someone please explain this move to me?


Is he going to the bathroom? Has someone squeezed a lemon in his eyes? Whatever it is, you won’t see me busting that out any time soon because that looks incredibly uncomfortable.


Scott Rafferty